Panties for People with Periods

Imagine... Sleeping stress free in white sheets, while on your period. These are the Hiphuggers by THINX. They are panties for people with Periods and I put them to the test!

I feel like this is obvious and goes without saying but if it is not, I am a menstruating woman. I started at 14, paranoid & fearful of anyone ever finding out. Abusing overnight pads and heavy flow tampons, wearing liners days before and days after to be extra safe! Twelve years in, we’ve defiantly made some improvements to my period process. We started by ditching chemically drenched hygiene products for more organic options ( such as ...  easy. – loladiva cup * ) and now these Hiphuggers are just the missing addition to this upgraded period lifestyle I'm trying to live!

They are period proof panties! They hold up to 2 tampons' worth of blood, offering full coverage & protection for any situation. I tested them out on cycle day 2 and I must say... these are a game changer! After I drown my cramps and body aches in ibuprofen, I was able to sleep through the night without leaks, spill over or spotting and... thats pretty rare, even twelve years in! I still wore a tampon and got up for my paranoid-midnight-pee, but I slept soundly knowing I was covered until the AM, so... I'm a fan!

If you're looking for a little extra coverage on your heaviest days, or to free bleed on your lighter ones, I'd consider giving THINX a try! They run from an XS to 3XL but if you are looking for larger sizes, try ModiBodi! They run from an XS to 6XL and Kellie of And I Get Dressed did a stellar review RIGHT HERE if you're interested in other dope period panty content. ;)

Post sponsored by THINX all opinions are my own. * 

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