Universal Standard

Bell sleeves, bows & bawty riders... *deep inhail* Ahhh, #Summer17 is upon us! How cute is this bell sleeve top from Universal Standard?

Had to test out the ~*experimental sleeve*~ waters with something *super* minimal... It was a success, but now I'm kind of obsessed. Next bell sleeve purchase, I think I'll go for something more flamboyant, maybe a colour... Okay, probably not a colour... But something a *little* more obnoxious. Why not!? I paired this one with black thrifted shorts, nude heels & a snake print crossbody bag for Sunday brunch.

Oh and, that aside... Just an open reminder now that the temperature is rising; People of all sizes & genders can wear whatever they want to be cool & comfy in hot temperatures. You, are under no circumstance, allowed to sexualize and/or shame them for their choices to do so. Let people wear what the f*ck they want to wear, and worry about yourself! K thanks, that's all... *steps off soap box*

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